The Skins Series
Resilience. Swiss Army linen laundry bags; crocheted cotton inner lining; 23 buckles

All pieces are from the skins series of life-size, fully dimensional female skins which explore how expectation, desire and convention—our own and others—form casings which shape our deepest selves and which become so familiar they seem like our own skin. Made from the same pattern (44 pieces, 166 darts) and constructed using dressmaking and needlework techniques, all of the works are designed to be touched and handled by the viewer—unzipped, unbuttoned, rattled or read.

Resilience. Detail, head Baggage (closed). Linen burlap and leather brushed flannel lining; stainless steel fasteners Baggage. Detail of torso (open) Longing (open). Moire taffeta, invisible zipper, white satin lining Deposition. Handwritten text on rice paper laminated to silk Denial. Neoprene rubber, invisible zipper Convention. Wool flannel; 58 buttons and button holes Regret. Lace; 1000 bones, shells and buttons Regret. Detail of hand Appetite. Velvet and silk brocade; 1500 Bakelite teeth Appetite. Detail, hand

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