"The Rigor of the Horizontal. 4” (h) x 8.5” (w); inkjet printer photographs and topo maps with text; details from the hand-drawn Locator Map on reverse Merritt Reservoir 018: Hwy 97 (October)"

These “surveys” or on-the-ground documentation are from my travels to each of the 95 sections of Nebraska. I document what I see and sense with still images and video and I gather these images into “card decks” and other collections. Cards have scans of the topo maps or the drawn Locator map on the reverse. Road images are captures from my dashboard mounted Flip video camera.

Cortland 072: Hwy 77 (July) Cortland 072 (back) Hampton 054: Hyw 34 (March) Hay Springs 010: Hwy 20 (October) Hay Springs 010 (back) Ashfall 039: S of Hwy 59 (June) Cather Prairie 080: Hwy 281 S (July) Crescent Lake 042: Rd 181 (July) Crescent Lake 042 (back) Arcadia 047: Hwy 70 (October) Fort Niobrara 006: Hwy 12 (June) Scottsbluff 037: Old Oregon Trail (October) Box Butte 015: Hwy 385 (October)

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