Terrain Squares
Locator Map and Terrain Squares, Haydon Installation (2010)

These 24” quilted relief forms show the physical terrain at a larger scale (1” = 596’). At this scale, boundaries are lost and only topography remains, with heights and depths expressed as contour lines and padded relief forms. Rivers, lakes and creeks, stitched in blue on the front, appear as white on the reverse, layering over a hand-stenciled fragment of a graphic of Nebraska grasses. Squares fasten together in any order with a system of buttons and tabs which echo the grid markings of the Locator Map. The Terrain Squares are made of organic cotton and a hemp/Tencel blend.

Installation, Haydon Art Center, with Locator Map (2010) Detail, buttons and tabs Section 08A (front) (near Gordon) Section 08A (back) Section 08A (detail) Section 011 (back) Section 011 (detail) Section 019 (front) (near Valentine national Wildlife Refuge) Section 019 (back) Section 035 (front) (near Crescent Lake) Section 035 (back) Section 035 (detail) Section 036 (front) (near Alliance) Section 036 (back) Section 065A (front) (near Chase) Section 065A (back)Section 084 (front) (near Benkelman)Section 084 (back)Installation, Haydon Art Center (2010)

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